Master of Arts, 2011

After much back an forth between the administrators, organizers and my calendar – I finally received the degree in the mailbox. I was at the IETF (80@Prague, presenting MPRTP), therefore, couldn’t attend the graduation nor could I postpone it anymore (The admin said by the looks of things – the dates wouldn’t match). To date, I have received all my degrees in the mail.

The timing of the arrival of the degree was perfect because the Master of Arts Exhibition just opened up and my work is presented there. If you want to visit it, I will be there at the venue on Saturday, 14 May between 14-16h. Address is: Porkkalankatu 13 G, Helsinki


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not the familiar “Hello World” as the first post…

It has been a while since I last wrote on a blogpost. On livejournal (LJ, my old blog) it used to be quite regular until it dwindled into picture postings from trips around Europe and I got caught up in research. As you’d know research is a lot about writing. Basically, in research one writes “university code” ( in some cases it is not considered production worthy) and a lot of papers, technical reports, grant/scholarship applications and sometimes specifications.

However, I feel it is time I make a concerted effort to break the monotony and start writing about other non-research stuff — I will start off in the familiar areas of startups, mobile and web applications.

… G’day and I’ll be back soon 🙂